About me

Sesa Fitness was established in January 2016, it is owned and operated by Aleksandra Boltadzija. Aleksandra is a qualified and registered Personal trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach.

Aleksandra Boltadzija:

“My training and experience has helped me develop tailored methods, techniques and understanding of a variety of individuals. Not everyone is the same, every person has their challenges, trigger points and limits. It is important to first understand the individual, their goals and the spectrum of their ability before tailoring a program which would help them take progressive steps to meet their goals.”

Why Choose SESA Fitness?

No Gym Fees

No Long Classes

No Travel Time

  • Mobile (we come to you)
  • We bring the equipment
  • Unique and customised fitness training and nutrition plans
  • Experienced in Fitness
  • Experienced in Disability industry & recovery Fitness
  • Bilingual Trainer (speaks 3 languages-English, Serbian and Croatian)

My Method

Help you setup your goals

Motivate you

Promote positive thinking

Promote accountability

Outdoor Training:

At SESA Fitness we promote outdoor fitness because it has many benefits for your health and well-being. By training outdoors, you get vitamin D from exposure to the sun, brain and mind stimulation, mood boost and more varied work out so you never get bored. What can be better than feeling that grass or sand on your feet!

Fitness and Nutrition:

Fitness and nutrition coaches are dedicated to helping you realise your potential. Best Fitness Professionals know that the study of movement and nutrition can convey useful lessons of life-from increased confidence and self-esteem to improved discipline and focus.

Motivation and accountability:

One of the key elements to the relationship with SESA Fitness Personal Trainer and Health and Nutrition Coach is the drive they provide you to always give your best effort in your training and meal planning sessions.


  • Sesa fitness has really helped me understand my physical ability and how to push in incremental steps to help achieve my goals. It has taught me a lot about myself and my capability! Thanks Sesa Fitness!

  • I've been following an 8 week nutrition plan designed for me by Aleks from Sesa Fitness....an easy to follow plan with a variety of foods has kept me motivated and feeling satisfied after every meal. I can already feel the weight coming off - thanks Sesa Fitness!!

  • My name is Jacob and I have a Down syndrome. After just few months of training with SESA Fitness, I became articulate as my muscles were sore. I am now more confident in my strength and physique. I am not afraid anymore to show the world my body. My energy levels have increased and my health improved. My muscles have developed and I am now more knowledgeable what I put into my body.“Aleks shows me how to do the training and I love it!”

    Jacob E.
  • I was never confident to do training in the gym due to my disability. Aleks understands my disability and I feel comfortable with her. I love my training with Aleks. She is a good trainer and she is explains to me how to do the exercise in a safe way. I now understand different muscle groups and what to do when I am sore. I love to do the stretches and have the exercise in my own home where I feel the most comfortable.

    Rebecca S.
  • I love to train in the local park with Aleks. When I am in school I think about my training that I will have in the afternoon. I look forward to my sessions each week. I am grateful that I have NDIS funding because it gives me the opportunity to look after my health and well-being.

    Shaahid L.

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